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Myotherapy/ Remedial massage Therapy

The myotherapy/ Remedial Massage Therapy is one of the many modalities that are encompassed by the term complementary and alternative medicine, and it's also in Australian healthcare.


SHIN is a qualified remedial massage therapist and myotherpist in Australia with more than 10 years experienced. She is also a member of the AMT.

SHIN has been doing a lot of different types of the sports and exercises in her personal life, so she is quite knowledgeable about that appropriate exercises can help prevent the injuries. Combining several different massage techniques, Shin can effectively help a lot of pain, muscle problems and injuries. After the treatment, usually she demonstrates the correct exercise for clients to adjust the poor posture and strengthen the muscle weakness.


SHIN cares about every client, so she always does a complete assessment before the treatment for individual issues. Her treatments include Myofascial release, Joint mobilization, Myofascial trigger points, Lymphatic drainage massage, cupping, deep tissue massage, muscle energy technic, Tapping, stretching, relaxation massage and hot stone therapy, dry needling etc.

This is the process with Shin’s treatment:



Postural observation


Functional test


Active Range of motion


Passive range of motion Resisted range of motion


Specific muscle tests

(resisted and length)


Special tests






There are some comment conditions that remedial massage can help:


Neck pain, Wry neck,

Muscle tension and stiffness

Muscle strain

Frozen shoulder, Shoulder pain

Back pain, Sciatic pain

Headache, Migraines

Sports injuries, Tennis elbow, Golf elbow

Knee, ankle and heal pain

Hand, wrist, arm or leg numbness

Upper crossed syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Anxiety, stress, or low energy







2. Treatment Plan
3. Client Education(Home Exercise)
1. Assessment Procedures
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