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OHC is a professional and modern Chinese Medicine clinic for women and children, which is located in Camberwell in Melbourne. TCM Dr. Jessy Zhu notices that there are very few professional women's and children's traditional Chinese medicine clinics in Melbourne, however TCM has a great advantage in these fields. Especially to pregnant or postpartum women and children, traditional Chinese medicine has the advantage of less side-effect and holistic healing. Remedial Massage is another part of OHC. Shin is a passionate and experienced Remedial massage therapist. Sports injury massage, breast maintenance massage, lymphatic massage are our specialists. In OHC, we can always combine TCM, Remedial massage, and other equipment to achieve the optimal effect. OHC offers outpatient consultation, and also has various value-added services, as online private custom-made Chinese medicine products, online outpatient consultation and providing short-term studying trip in Shanghai University of TCM.


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Tel: 03 9813 1668

Mobile:0455 965 888

797A Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

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