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Heart Meridian Massage (for emotion stress)


Are you experiencing unbalanced emotion problems?

Such as confusion, anxiety, fidgeting, insomnia, heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, excess dreaming, poor memory, poor concentration, dizziness. Are those sounds familiar to you? You might suffer a lot of emotional stress or maybe you have so much going on in your life. You might be looking for a free spirit, but nothing can help you much! Why don't you try our Heart Meridian Massage therapy?


What is Heart Meridian? In Chinese medicine, the heart commands all of the organs and viscera, houses the spirit and controls the emotions. In Chinese, the word for 'heart' is also used to denote 'mind'. When the heart is strong and steady, it controls the emotions; when it is weak and wavering, the emotions rebel and prey upon the heart-mind, which then loses its command over the body.


How do we treat it? We massage on the acupuncture points which follow with heart meridian line. In Chinese Medicine there are 9 points in heart meridian line and each point role of different conditions.


                           Jiquan depression

                           Qing Ling headaches

                           Shaohai dizziness, headache, heartache

                           Lingdao mental illness, heartache

                           Tongli heartache, heart palpitation, insomnia

                           Yinxi  mental illness

                           Shenmen heartache, heart palpitation

                           Shao Fu heartache, palpitation

                           Shaochong hysterical, despondent, mental illness


Meridian massage by itself can be wonderfully relaxing especially when it targets your individual health issues. Heart meridian massage describes the various hand forms used to stimulate related heart meridian acupuncture points, channels, and muscles.

Heart meridian massage is the best natural and healthy way to improve your emotion health.

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