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Scraping (Gua Sha)

Scraping (Gua Sha) as an ancient Chinese Medicine treatment is well known that it can effectively help relieve muscle and aliment pain. But do you know it also help lose weight? Lifestyle is a main reason causes over weight, and it causes cellulite as well. When the fat cells grow larger and push towards skin, you will find cellulite on your waist and hip. In TCM, we believe that when the Qi is blocked or moves slowly, the blood flow will go slowly as well, then it causes body swollen or fluid. You can do exercises help increase circulation, however there are always some reasons to stop you practice, such as ankle, knee or hip problems. So if you are looking for an effective healing tool to help lose weight, you definitely can't miss Scraping (Gua Sha). What tool does Scraping use? Traditional way, we use a smooth tool as china spoon or coin. OHC uses Scraping machine, which is the most advanced way doing Scraping. The force can be adjusted to suit everyone. The essential oil is necessary before the treatment. The high quality oil can not only help relieve the pain, but also help burn fat. How do we do Scraping to lose weight? There are three different size heads to suit areas. The large one can be used for tummy and hip, and the medium one is suitable for legs. The small one is good to facial. We doing scraping follows meridians. The most important meridians related to weight loss are liver and spleen channels. They are in charge of the flow of Qi and Blood. The scraping is from up to down, to help push the Qi and Blood flowing smoothly through your body. The fat cells are moved fast, which burns calories. Most of clients will feel warm on skin after scraping, and some of them feel bowel movements increase. How often should you do scraping? For optimum result, in the first stage (first 2-3weeks), you need do 1-2 times each week. Then to maintain body shape, you need do once a week. Is there any side-effect on Scraping? If you never have done Scraping before, you may feel a bit nervous before the treatment. Chatting with us before treatment is much helpful. After treatment, the skin may be redness or a bit bruised, however they will disappear in 1-2 days. Have a cup of warm water will help raise your energy level. Who can do Scraping? Scraping as a traditional Chinese Medicine treatment, only TCM practitioners or staffs fully trained can do it. It's not recommended doing scraping at home.

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