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Moxibustion is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, and in ancient China moxibustion was as important as acupuncture. Moxibustion is mainly used in specific herbs, and adult mugwort leaves are more effective than fresh leaves. The most important function of moxibustion is to remove cold and humid. Both medical and gynecological diseases are effective and have a role in arthritis and muscle soreness as well. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that all activities of human beings depend on the promotion of qi and blood, whether it is qi or blood stasis, or qi and blood deficiency can affect people's actions, causing different levels of pain and inactivity. The operation of qi and blood is dispersed, and cold is coagulative, so warming meridian is the best way to promote qi and blood. Qi can give birth to blood, and it naturally can raise blood, which helps female cycle stable, pregnant, body compact, relieving edema, and making your face looks brighter. Moxibustion cabin indications: women's menstrual disease, low immunity, digestive disorders, puffiness, women pale or dark chloasma, chronic cough, low energy levels, and growth retardation in children are all suitable.

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