3D Eyelashes Extension

3D Eyelashes Extensions

Eyelashes Extension is one of the best make-ups now day! Why so many people love eyelashes extensions? I think it's because eyelashes extensions suits to any ages and any types of work professionals. Basically, there are a few different types of technique and styles of eyelashes extension I am going to share here.

3D Natural set & Extreme set

What is 3D? We use different length and curl of individual lashes glued one by one to your original natural eyelashes. Furthermore, we can design for your individual need with your eyes shape look.

How? For example, for 'Dropping-eyes' or 'Lidded-eyes' , we will use the curlier lashes such as C or D curl for your eyes, which will make your eyes look a lot lifting up, not tired all the time. For,'Small- eyes' or 'Piggy- eyes', we use the longer lashes from 12 to 14mm glued to your natural lashes of outer corner. Your eyes will look much wider and bigger.

Natural set means it looks very natural as real lashes, very light and very comfortable while you are wearing them on. Who are very suitable with them? I would say everybody, especially for office ladies, teachers, doctors, lawyers and nurses, etc.

Extreme set makes your eyes look more attractive with 100 lashes on your each eye. Who are very suitable with Extreme set? If you are in fashion industry or performance, like hairdressers, sales, models, actress, and singers.

Avon Yang (Mobile Phone sales assistant) said:

I am a sales, my sales had never developed until one of my friends recommend me to get the eyelashes extension done. You know what? I am so surprised now my sales is the top one in my store. I know it's unbelievable, but it's magical for me. Every morning when I look at myself, I feel so confidence and energetic. I can't live without wearing eyelashes extension, I love it so much!

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