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Children's physique

A child's physique is much weaker than adults, and their organ function is not mature enough as well. A child's balance of Yin and Yang is broken easily, but it's also easy to be improved and cured. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has lots of experience in Pediatrics, with a variety of treatments, which work fast and effectively with less side effects. In particular, Infantile Chinese Tuina massage is the most popular treatment in young mothers. OHC provides the most professional TCM services for children. We are well versed in infantile eczema, asthma, night terrors and night sweats, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, and retarded growth.

Pearl therapy

Pearl therapy is another unique treatment in OHC, which is pioneering in Melbourne as well. In ancient China, the pearl was widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, not only just as jewelry. Pearl contains 16 kinds of inorganic elements and a variety of trace elements. In Chinese herbal records, pearl has various effects such as stress relief, whitening, clearing liver and improving vision, detoxification and wound healing. Pearl can be used to treat chloasma, night terrors, children night crying, insomnia.

Weight Loss

Have you tried all kinds of methods to lose weight, but the result is still not ideal? As one of our specialists, OHC offers a complete set of services, including Chinese herbal tea, lymphatic drainage massage, acupuncture, cupping therapy and moxibustion, etc. We are particularly good at obesity with slow metabolism, postpartum slimming, as well as obesity with hormone disorder.


If you have a plan to be a mom, it is a good idea to let Chinese Medicine help. Because of age, diet and stress, some women are less likely to be pregnant, more likely to have a miscarriage and the reaction of a  pregnancy is likely to be very serious. Deficiency of Qi and blood or imbalance of Yin and Yang are the main reasons. Chinese medicine is good at regulating internal environment, nourishing Qi and blood, to help get pregnant. Even if you are ready to do IVF, Chinese medicine can also help increase the success rate. As a professional women and children's Chinese Medicine centre, OHC provides a series of services of treatments and dietary guidance, to give you a peaceful and smooth pregnancy.

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