Weight Loss

Have you tried all kinds of method to lose weight, but the effect is still not ideal? As one of our specialists, OHC offers a complete set of services, including Chinese herbal tea, lymphatic drainage massage, acupuncture, cupping therapy and moxibustion, etc. We are particularly good at obesity with slow metabolism, postpartum slimming, as well as obesity with hormone disorder.





Magical steamed blanket
30minutes $60
Lymphatic massage + Magical steamed blanket
60minutes $100

Scraping + Lymphatic massage + 
Magical steamed blanket
90minutes $130
Acupuncture + Lymphatic massage + Magical
steamed blanket
90minutes $150
Acupuncture + Scraping + Lymphatic massage +
Magical steamed blanket
120minutes $180
Weight loss packages

Wedding Weight Loss Package


You should be a 360 degree perfect bride or groom in your big day.



 4 weeks Accelerated Weight Loss Package:    $1000-$1200

           8 times treatments in 4 weeks. Values   $1200-$1440

           Each time (90-120 minutes) includes:

  • Special scarping treatment on arms, waist, hip and legs to melt fat and shape
    • Essential oil Lymphatic massage to help fluid

    • Magical steamed blanket to accelerate burn fat and consume calories

    • Acupuncture helps lose weight (optional, Health Fund covered)

  • 28 days TCM Dr Jessy’s Special flower teabags or herbal formulas. Values $56

  • One full set of CAMELLIA style Eyelashes Extensions for free. Values $120


Call us 9813 1668 or 0455 965 888 to book, your dreaming shape is not faraway!



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