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Breast Maintanance

Herbal breast application

Indications: breast pain, breast soreness, mastitis, lobular hyperplasia, breast lump and other diseases of breast.


Liver Qi blocked:

Unilateral or bilateral breast pain and tenderness with flatulence, whose location is not fixed. During breast examination, round and propelled lumps can be touched, skin and muscle neighboring to the lumps are normal. Emotions may change frequently, as mood swings, sadness and stress are very common, associated with poor sleep, poor appetite.


The liver-fire flaming

Unilateral or bilateral breast heat pain, it can be up to the same side neck and around the gums, even behind ear and eye. Mood swings and irritability can be seen, accompanied by other symptoms such as constipation or yellow urine.


Blood stasis and heat

Unilateral or bilateral breast pain, with lumps, boils or abscess, whose location is often fixed. Fatigue and poor appetite are often accompanied. The stool is sticky and the urine is yellow.



Liver Qi blocked: bupleurum, radix curcumae, tangerine peel, passepartout, rhizoma cyperi, Radix Paeoniae Alba etc.

The liver-fire flaming: rhubarb, scutellaria, gardenia, alisma, bupleurum, liquorice etc.

Blood stasis and heat: paeonol, radix paeoniae rubra, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, oldenlandia, comfrey etc.



Apply daily or 3-4 times a week. For best results, apply directly after shower or bath. Take the pads out of the pack, moist the pads before applying the herbal powder, smoothly stick on the breast, to avoid the areola. For external use only. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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