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Menstrual Pain

Menstrual Pain in TCM


Do you have menstrual pain?

Many girls experience menstrual pain.

How does menstrual negatively affect our lives?

The pain can cause a lack of concentration, stress, insomnia, fatigue, or indigestion, which make us hard to study, work and look after our kids.

How does TCM help menstrual pain?

In TCM, menstrual pain is considered to be caused by blocked blood and Qi. The most common reason is cold, includes from food like chilly drinks, iced food and cold weather. So the warming our meridians and channels to help Qi and blood cycle smoothly is the main theory in TCM. Women's periods are cycles, so TCM treats menstrual pain through different methods to suit any every stage. Herbal formula and Moxibustion are the most important treatments to unblock Qi and blood.

What benefit will you get from TCM?

Whole conception is the theory in TCM, which means we treat not only one system or organ but also the overall condition. After the treatment, you may find your skin looks brighter, or your weight drops down, etc.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment can be very various, depending on individual. However, 28 days (the whole period cycle) is an ideal treatment session.

28 days Menstrual Pain treatment package    

                                         $250 (values $280)

21 bags OHC homemade teabags (from the first day after the last period, take 21 days)                                                    $42

7 bags OHC homemade teabags (from the first day of the period, take 7 days)                                                                   $14

7 OHC homemade herbal patches        $14

2 times 30 minutes Moxibustion (2 weeks before period, the first day of period)                                                                  $90

2 times 30 minutes Special hot stone massage with OHC homemade herbal essential oil (2 weeks before period, the first day of period)


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