Anxiety & Acne in TCM

Have you been bothered by Acne? Did you try many ways, but still no changes? Acne may seriously affect our appearance and confidence.


Do you think you are experiencing anxiety or remain in state of anxiety persistently? Everyday anxiety can be like worrying about paying bills, jobs, relationship breakdown or other important events in life. However feeling anxiety normally only lasts a limit period. If the worry or fear is constant and significantly interferes with your daily life, you are probably in anxiety disorders.


Is there a connection between Anxiety and Acne?

Yes, actually Anxiety is a very important reason of Acne. Acne is much related with hormone level, which is affected by emotion as anxiety disorders. Furthermore, serious acne increases anxiety, then acne, hormone and anxiety are in a vicious circle.


How does TCM treats Acne?

TCM believes that acne is mostly because of heat of our body, mainly is Deficiency Yin, which means the consumption of Yin fluid fails to restrain Yang Fire, then the fire is excessive compared to the Ying. The nature of Yang is going up, warmth and active. Without Ying’s balance, Yang Fire is overreaction, which can cause nervous, anxiety, insomnia, hormone level disorder and skin issues.

The most related organs are Heart and Liver in TCM. They are in charge of most emotions. So enhancing Heart and Liver deficiency Yin and cooling the heat are the main purpose TCM does.


The herbal formula and Flower tea:

There are some classical formulas can help clear heart heat, calming down, and liver detoxification.


Homemade herbal facial mask:

Acne should be treated by both internal and external. When we put the herbal facial mask on your face, the mask can cool down the redness, anti-infection, and fade acne mark.  

Meridian Massage:

Massage following Heart and Liver meridians is an effective method to release the heat and tensions. Using herbal essential oil and professional skills on Heart and Liver meridian can improve energy level and relax spirit, to achieve the peace and calmness.

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