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Hives during pregnancy

About 1/200 women have hives during their pregnancy, and many of them feel really itchy and unbearable. Hives during pregnancy can be an allergy to food, chemicals or medicine, etc. This is because that many changes happen in the mother’s body during or after pregnancy, and the body becomes more sensitive to food, temperature and air. The hives normally are fresh red or white, causing itches, getting worse especially in the sun or at night when sleeping. They are mainly on the ventral, legs and arms. Symptoms normally will disappear within a few of weeks after giving birth. However, they may last longer than a few months.


How does TCM treat it?

Chinese herbal formula:

Chinese herbal formula is one of the effective methods to help skin issues. The formula can be drinkable such as tea, or external as well. Within the pregnancy, the babies will bring their mothers too much heat, which will cause Yin and Yang imbalance. So we use the formula to reduce the excess heat and keep the body cool. The formula drinkable needs to be taken 1-2 times every day to adjust the internal conditional. And at the same time, the external use formula needs to be put on the legs, arms or any part of the body with hives. The formula should be soaked in water, then the gauze put on. when the gauze covers the skin, it can keep the skin cool and moist to relieve the itch.


Hives during pregnancy can also be cause by an immune system overreaction. Acupuncture is able to adjust the immune system and let the body calm.

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