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Eyelashes Extension   $80-$150


OHC specially offering 3D 6D 9D eyelashes extension techniques from Korea,Taiwan and Russia.

What is a 3D eyelashes extension? Basically it is using  different length and curl eyelashes looks more vibrant and feels natural.

What is a 6D eyelashes extension? We use very thin 0.07 eyelashes in order to make your eyelashes more volume and not clump at all. It is ideally for someone who has very thin or short eyelashes. It will add glamour to your look and give the eyes an instant “lift”.

And 9D is combined with 3D and 6D techniques to make the eyelashes not only looks thicker but also makes your eyes looks bigge. It will look elegant and realistic.









Price list

3D Standard Natural Set

(50-60 Lashes per eye)                            $80

3D Standard Natural Set Refill

(In 2 weeks )                                             $45

3D  Mink Standard Natural Set

(50-60 Lashes per eye)                        $100

3D  Mink Standard Natural Set Refill

(In 2 weeks )                                            $55

3D Extreme Set

(80-100  Lashes per eye)                    $100

3D Extreme Set Refill

(In 2 weeks )                                          $55

3D Mink Extreme Set

(80-100  Lashes per eye)                  $120

3D Mink Extreme Set Refill

(In 2 weeks )                                        $65

6D Extreme Set

(100-150 lashes per eye)                $150

6D Extreme Set Refill

(In 2 weeks)                                     $80

9D Extreme Set      

(100-150 Lashes per eye)             $150

9D Extreme Set Refill

(In two weeks )                              $80

Bottom     Set                                 $45

Removal                                         $30



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