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Stress and Anxiety

Do you feel stressful? Are you suffering from anxiety? How many ways have you tried, but still not working? If you want to try a effective and natural way to relieve stress and anxiety, I am happy to introduce you Chinese Medicine.

Stress is a reaction or response to the threat, and stress can be positive to control the pressure and be concentrated in a situation. However, over stressful is negative to emotion control. The most common result caused by over stress is anxiety. There are many types of anxiety disorders with different symptoms. General symptoms are panic, sweaty hands, shortness of breath, sleep problems, chest pain, nausea, and dizziness, etc.


What does Chinese medicine think of stress and anxiety? Chinese medicine think most of the mental illness are related to Heart meridian, Liver and Gallbladder meridians. Heart is in charge of thoughts and feeling, such as happiness, sadness or worries. Liver and Gallbladder are in charge of making decisions, fighting over the fear and building up confidence.


Most people are easily stressful and over worrying about the lives, so the heart-qi is always insufficient. And on the other side, the stress can cause liver-qi and gallbladder-qi are too much and blocked. So how to balance the heart and liver, and how to unblock the qi are the essential ways to treat mental disorders.


Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is one of the most effective methods to control stress and anxiety. To deflate Liver and Gallbladder qi is the fast way to control fear, panic, sweaty hands, nauseas, etc. But most likely it is treating symptoms more than addressing the root cause. Then, we need a formula to improve the heart-qi and heart-blood flow. However we still need to unblock the liver-qi slowly, because to improve heart-qi may cause liver-qi blocked again. The superfluous qi is always bringing heat, that’s why people are easily out of anger. So if we add some herbs to clear the heat, it will shorten the treating period and maintain longer.



To address the acu-points on the heart meridian, liver meridian and gallbladder meridian is the most common way to treat stress and anxiety. Sometimes we may choose some points on Kidney meridian or Spleen meridian to help sleeping and digestion disorders. Different point prescriptions, such as the depth of needle insertion, the time needles retention and stimulation force can gain different results.



Cupping is another fast way to deflate the liver-qi and gallbladder-qi. Emotion disorders can cause qi-flow slowdown or blocked Qi. With lifting tissues, cupping can push Qi through body smoothly and help circulation. We normally choose whole back and outside of legs to do the cupping, which Du meridian and Gallbladder meridian locate. Because Du meridian is in charge of whole Yang qi and Gallbladder meridian is one of the Yang meridian, after the cupping customer will feel warm flow passing the body.



Moxibustion uses special herbs to boost energy level. Some customers are in low moods and in high levels of inattention. Improving the energy level can rebuild the motivation and positive attitude.


Chinese medicine considers body as a whole concept that should be in a balance of insider and outside, and a harmony of Ying and Yang. As a natural treatment, TCM mainly let your body treat the stress and anxiety itself to get your own balance.

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